Terms of Use / Privacy Statement

The applications Conferator and MyGroup are implemented using the Ubicon platform ("the system"). They are provided and developed by the University of Kassel in the context of the VENUS project. Concerning the collection of usage data, the system is subject to the regulations of the Hessisches Datenschutzgesetz of which ยง 33 HDSG has central importance.

For research purposes, the system collects more user data than common commercial web applications. The data is being used for localization, recommendations and notification functions. Since research is usually an open process, it is not possible to enumerate all potential applications of the data. However, the providers of the system are interested in research and not in identifying individual persons given the data. Furthermore, under no circumstances will the data be provided for advertisements or promotional purposes.

The system ensures the confidentiality of user data and does not provide unanonymized data for third parties. Only research institutions may obtain anonymized data for research purposes and in order to reproduce research results.

The system stores user name, password, and other provided information (personal, information, contact data, social accounts information). This data is being used for enhancing social contacts during the events; the data are kept confidential and are not provided to third parties. These terms apply for data collection and usage by the system. Users have the right to request information about data concerning their person or user name without any charge.