Privacy Aspects

As Conferator/MyGroup is developed within VENUS, a project with emphasis on legal requirements, trust and ergonomics, we tried to design the system such that you can choose your own balance of making things public and keeping them private. You can achieve this by announcing just those of your social network accounts that you want to make public and by using the sophisticated trust settings: Unlike in many other social networking platforms, you can declare to trust other users without requiring their confirmation and without requiring them to trust you in return.

Conferator/MyGroup are implemented using the Ubicon platform, which we call the system in the following. No information collected with the system will be displayed to people who did not sign in for the system themselves.

On your profile page, any user registered to the system can see: your name and institute (as on the conference badge), the track you are attending, you accounts in several social networks and messengers (if you have entered any) and your BibSonomy user name. Using the privacy settings, you can select which users have access to your profile page: All users (public), your friends and all participants of events you attend, only those participants, only your friends, or no one (private).

Similarly, you can define who can access information on your latest social contacts and your location using the privacy settings.

Your friends are only visible to yourself.


Concerning the collection of usage data, the system is subject to the regulations of the Hessisches Datenschutzgesetz of which ยง 33 HDSG has central importance.

If you have concerns or comments about these rules, please get in touch with us, so that we can improve the system for the next event.